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The Michigan Center for Rural Health is the only state organization dedicated solely to improving the health of Michigan’s rural residents.  The MCRH plays a key role in rural health care by assisting in the creation and implementation of partnerships among non-profit groups, health departments, hospitals, government and academia to create new opportunities in quality of care, recruitment and retention of health care providers, distance education and emergency medical services.  Please view this website as an information site for rural health programs and activities.  In addition, there are links to other valuable web sites.  The Michigan Center for Rural Health:  your single point of contact for rural health care issues and questions.

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A distribution list is an email list which allows the MCRH to send up-to-date information to your email account.  Our various distribution lists include:  independent RHC, provider-based RHC, EMS Provider, Rural Hospital CEO, Local Public Health Officer, and our Quarterly Newsletter and bi-monthly Snapshot.  

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