EMS Webinars

Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Webinars

October 18, 2017 EMS Webinar, "Pharmacology" will be held from 6-7pm EST.


Webinar Presenter: Emily Bergquist, MSA, EMT-P, EMS-IC, MCA Coordinator, MDHHS - Bureau of EMS, Trauma, and Preparedness
Objective: Spend an hour learning about current ideas in EMS pharmacology, what medication changes may be coming in the new protocols, and drug shortages and how providers can work through them.                      
By the end of this session, the student will:
  1. Discuss the importance to pharmacology for the EMS provider of all levels.
  2. Discuss the new trends in medication use and what might be on the horizon for their protocols and patient treatment.
  3. Discuss the issues that a medication shortage causes and how EMS providers can work within the system to cope with and help alleviate shortages.
 Handouts and Additional Webinar Information

At least two days prior to the program, you will be provided via e-mail the teleconference call number and information on how to log onto the webinar via Zoom. The PowerPoint presentation will be available to be printed from our website about two days prior to the program.

After the program, those that attended the full program, monitored by roll call will be emailed an attendance sheet as well as a quiz and an evaluation via Survey Monkey. This information is required for receiving a certificate which will include your one credit of continuing education

*NOTE: There is NO cost to register for EMS webinars!