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EMS Leadership Academy Workshops

Registration for 2018-2019 EMS Leadership Academy Workshops is NOW AVAILBLE!

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Each level is a 15-hour, two-day program presented by SafeTech Solutions, LLP and hosted by MCRH. The sessions are designed to be engaging, lively, and participatory, and aim to prepare participants to lead and manage today’s EMS. 

All workshops will be located at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI. A rooming rate is set up if lodging is needed. MCRH will send hotel information to participants once registered for the workshop(s). 

Level Descriptions:

Level I: This first level inverts the way we often think about running an EMS organization and shows participants how to manage with leadership in mind. Some topics that will be addressed include: how to blend the roles of both leading and managing; the essential components of a thriving ambulance service; recruiting strategies; and how to improve each member’s performance. 

Level II:  This level prepares the leader to reflect on the basics of leadership and the basic leadership tools of listening, imagining and story telling. Specifics of this workshop include: the characteristics of responsible leadership; barriers to leadership; how to lead/inspire; and using a council process to increase listening and talking.
Level III: This level tackles moving the EMS organization forward, making change and ensuring the organization avoids trouble and continues to be a place good people want to work. Topics will focus on: identifying what really  matters to you, your customers, the public, and your organization; understanding why change is so difficult and how to manage it; strategic alignment; and the Balanced Score Card.

Level IV: At this level, with a solid foundation in leadership, the participants set the agenda in a facilitated retreat style session that focuses specifically on each participant’s leadership roles and organizational challenges. Participants will choose the topics.

Upcoming EMS Leadership Academy Workshops

Level II: September 16-17, 2017

Level III: October 8-9, 2017

Level IV: March 24-25, 2018

Level I: March 26-27, 2018

Level II: TBD 2019

Level III: TBD 2019

*Registration is Now Open!

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Rural Health Programs Coordinator
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